We have high customer service expectations and we are focused on results for our pateints at our office in Federal Way! Read what some of our patients have to say - then give us a call to schedule YOUR appointment!

I came to Dr. Kloby due to loss of hearing, loss of balance,pain in joints, knees and elbows, and a general state of not being well. I noticed improvement almost immediately! I truly felt awful when I started my treatment and can honestly say I have regained my zest for living and sense of well being. Even my neighbor noticed a huge difference in my mood as well as energy. I would recommend chiropractic to others and do every chance I get! ~ Ellen

I've been to other chiropractors in Oregon and California and came to see my friend Dr. Kloby after hurting my back while carrying a box of heavy food. I have noticed improvement, including sleeping better. Dr. Kloby really knows how to heal my back when I need it and gives good advice to help me ~ Claudia

"I walked into the Federal Way office for my 2:30 PM massage appointment and my 3:45 Chriopratic Adjustment. I was in sad shape. My head was aching, my neck, shoulders, were at a level 10 when describing pain. After the massage, I felt human again. After my adjustment I felt 100% better. I met Dr. Kloby at an event on Ft. Lewis and she was so easy to talk to that I decided to make an appointment. That was almost 3 years ago. She has done wonders for my well being. I'm a firm believer that she keeps me in great health. I see her twice a month and I would not change that for all the tea in China. Dr. Kloby and MaryEllen the massage therapist mean the world to me." Lizza

"I heard about Dr. Kloby through friends. I had had four years of painful symptoms from SI joint and hip problems. Before going to see Dr. Kloby, I had gone to a neck specialist, physical therapy and had even had cortisone shots! Within ONE week, I noticed improvements AND I was able to sleep better! I would definitely recommend Chiropractic care (from Dr. Kloby) to others. Althought I'm not 100% better, Dr. Kloby has enabled me to regain movement (in my neck) and have relief from pain!" ~ Linda G.

"I would certainly recommend Dr. Kloby. She seems to know what and where the challenges are and knows how to help. She says she doesn't heal the body but helps the body so it can heal itself. I'm grateful for her." ~ Wilma P.

"I came to Dr. Kloby due to a pinched nerve in my lower back and foot problems. I have had weight problems and when I saw Dr. Kloby, I was able to enjoy my work outs and my metabolism has maintained itself. I feel 20 years younger and no more foot problems! Also, I used to get migraines and haven't had one since my visits."

"I have known chiropractors for years and tried them before, but wasn't satisfied. When I met Dr. Kloby and tried her services, I was very impressed because she helped me a lot! I have never had the success I have with Dr. Kloby. I also like the fact that she's willing to work with me based on my preferences for gentle care" ~ Kay M.

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